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Re: Do it yourself garages.

Fourkguy@aol.com wrote:
> Remember one about 20 years ago on Long Island (NY). Was a great place to get
> some work done on your car. Wish it was still around. Or is it??
I think you're referring to the place in Amityville on Rt. 110.  It's
now some Monkey Lad franchise quick lube place.  Camp Lejeune (USMC) had
a 6 bay DIY garage w/tools, lifts, etc.  Helped keep the Mustang 428 CJ
running great.  Any current/former "Gyrines" remember "swoop circle"?
Ah, the good old days.  A car full of Marines making the 7+hr trip to NY
every Friday - then back again on Sunday night.  Premimum gas was
$0.14/gal and Rt 95 was almost like a German Autobahn - except in Prince
Edward County, VA.  Made the mistake of _not_ being in uniform while
driving a little too fast and landed up enhancing County Treasury. 
Traffic Court was ~7 miles off the highway and held in JP's General
Store.  Reminded me of a Tobacco Auction.
MJ Murphy