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A Hunting I Will Go...

Hey Audi Listians,

I'm in search of a new Audi, as many of you may know.  I'd like to take a
minute to thank everyone that's given me support and information. 
Thanks!  Now I've got a few more questions.  First off, how much is a `87
Special Build CGT worth?  I ran across one yesterday, and the owner,
(some college kid), wants $3,200 for it.  I checked the condition rather
quickly, but found numerous problems, like both fenders are dented from
parking fiascos, there's bad rust next to both wiper arms, the lifters
are rattling, (could be the exhaust manifold), and the 2.3l motor is
making a squeaking noise after a "good" runaround.  I offered him $1,700,
but I was the first to see it.  But would it really be worth it?
My other question is what kind of clutch is in the CGT.  Is it a hydralic
clutch?  And how hard, man hour-wise, is it to replace?  I'm looking at
another CGT, (an `86), that obviously has a bad one, but the seller is
asking chump change for it.  I'm guessing a Sachs clutch is the one to go
for, but are there any other, heavier, clutches out there?  And how much
do they cost?
Also, what's the suspension compatibility like between the CGT's and the
4k's?  Will springs from a CGT fit a 4kcsq?  I know the quattro has disc
all round, but are the rear suspension towers that different?  I need to
know because I have a set of aftermarket springs I bought for my old car
that I never had a chance to use, and I'm also looking at a 4kcsq.  I
don't want them to go to waste!
And finally, how reliable are the 80/90 quattro models?  I don't have
much experience with these cars, but they are within my price range.  And
they are quattros!  Hey, any help would be...well, helpful!  Thanks in

Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,


`86 CGT (R.I.P.)
`82 Coupe (R.I.P.)