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Re: Insurance company trying to screw me and my 4000Q!!

Chris writes:
Bummer! Sorry to hear about the accident, but methinks you may be barking up
the wrong tree w/this. The insurance policy you paid premiums on is based on
the avg book value of the 4000q, not your estimated value of the work/mods
did on the car. If you wanted coverage above and beyond what book was, then
you needed a supplemental policy. The ins co is designed to limit their
to book, if they had more "liability" at stake, then they would like to
you additional premium for it.

What you say is true for your own insurance.  It would apply if the car was
stolen, or you drove it off the road in a single car accident, or if you
were at fault and your insurance was paying.  None of these is the case.

The insurance of the other guy needs to pay you for the value of your car.
If you feel they are not valuing it sufficiently, get another appraisal.
You don't need to accept their value, but you need to find a fair value.

You don't need to accept their first offer, either.  Tell them how much you
want.  If it is really just a $100 difference, I am sure they will come
around.   Tell them you want a rental car and $3100.

Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA