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Blau rear S4/6 shocks,


What are you waiting for?  Just last week we put a pair of these on a
customers car, an 80 200Q.  He had been shock hunting, found out all the
usual problems with the shock situation for the wagon.  I gave him some
phone numbers, Blau, RD, etc, I knew our price would be stupid high.

So he called me and told me that he had complete S4 shocks for his car.  I
never even asked the price. We put them in, perfect fit and he loves it. 
Now you say they are only costing $179 each?  Get'em.

And as they say they are 100% assembled and ready to bolt on with all new

A perfect no brainer bolt in.  Normal ride height, no drooping rear

And what did we the dealer charge?  A big old $45 labor, a little over half
an hour despite what the book said.  


BTW, my '88 5ktq has 2 brown paint marks on the rear springs.  So did this
'90 200QSW.  So wagons and sedans have the same rear spring code.

Same goes for S6 sedan/wagons, a reg/green paint code for each.  Just in
case anyone was wondering if wagon springs were different