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Re: bad clutch?

Jeremiah Curry wrote:

> Howdy fellow audi-fans,
> My '84 Coupt GT is getting harder to get into 1st gear.  I can always get it
> in, but I feel as if I am forcing it.  What could be the problem?


 Hi. I am not sure about the linkage setup on the 84 Coupe.  One thing to check
might be your linkage from the shifter to the car's transmission.  It might be
as simple as lubricating this linkage and specifically the joints on the linkage
on the underside of the car.  This is probably a poor comparision here but I
once had an '83 VW Jetta  that demonstrated the same type of problem.  Difficult
to place in first gear.  Turns out the wear and overall "slop" in the linkage
was what was causing the misalignment problem.  I discovered if I moved the
shifter to the far right and then to the far left again, helped place it in
first gear.  A liberal supply of silicon spray and lithium grease on the
underside of the car applied to the shift linkage cured my problem for a couple
of months at a time.   Just a thought here.  Good Luck on the troubleshooting.


'82 5K
'86 5K-CS
'87 5K-TQCS
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