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Re: A4 race question

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From: Andy Bowskill <editorial@audioc.force9.co.uk>
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Date: Saturday, January 30, 1999 12:58 PM
Subject: RE: A4 race question

>The A4's entered for the TOCA race series in '96. '97 and '98 were only 4
>valves per cylinder, not five, as 5 valves per cylinder were not allowed by
I'm pretty sure I read some where that 5 valve engines used too much fuel,
as Ferrari found out in the F1.  I forgot where I read it, a car mag maybe.
Could be another reason.

>the rules.... (Scared that Audi would dominate the field again, not only
>with quattro (as they did in Rallying in the 80's), but with advanced
>engines also. By the close of the season last year, the official output was
>around 305 bhp. The engine used was not dissimilar to that used in the road
>going version of the Golf GTI, etc.
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