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Re: Grr, ok, so they rub...wierd

>I know that they would have rubbed, i didnt make that clear, my point was 
>that above just about any other wheel i have ever seen on the UrQ, i do 
>love the 15x8 ronals.  I just wish there were better tire choices in 15 
>inch sizes....

What size did you want to run?  If anything, there are more 15" sizes
available than in 16" or 17" diameters, especially if you're interested in
race tires.

>And on the issue of grinding, i guess i could have the body shop roll 
>them when i take it in to get the hit and run damage fixed....im sure it 
>wouldnt cost that much since they are repairing that area of one side 
>anyway, so only costing some for the other....

Sounds like a plan...
>oh well, still handles alot better and they do look fabulous...i just had 
>to vent a bit...

I understand ... the need to vent and owning an Audi go hand-in-hand!