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Used Parts needed

     Dear Audi Listers,
     I need the following "used parts" for my '89 Audi-90 (non-q):
     - Fog light (passenger side)
     - Rear/corner signal light (driver side)
     - Radiator.  (Note: My original radiator is still new.  However, the 
     guy who fixed it had over tightened the clamp...and the darn--cheap 
     plastic, collar was snapped.  Anyway, does anyone who BTDT can tell me 
     how to fix it?  Or, anyone want to buy my original one--pls send me 
     your offer...)
     Pls let me know your price & shipping cost.
     Many Thanks & Happy motoring--of course, in your beloved AUDI,
     '89 Audi-90 (non-q) 78K miles
     Note: To save Dan's space, could you pls reply to me directly at