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4KCSQ Turbo Conversion?

My second post to this list, (forgot subject line;sorry for the BW
waste)although I've spent a lot of time reading many of the other
posts courtesy of the digests....lots of very devoted (and
interesting) AUDI believers out there!
I'd appreciate any advice on successful 4KCSQ Turbo conversions, as I
need a smaller (and more replaceable) quattro alternative than my 91
200/20V for playing on our local Second Creek Raceway ....not
enough wide open spaces for that speedmobile...
Bruce Bowman
91 200Q 20V (Chipped, Bilsteins, 17" Speedlines/ 235-45 Toyo's/ RS2
87 4KCSQ (149K) (for those snowy days in the reach of the suburban
moms in their SUV's...and maybe some fun)
93 100CSQW (Wife's car)

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