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A6 Avant offer update

Hi list members,

Most of you remember that I made an offer on an A6 Avant Friday. Amazingly,
the only feedback on my offer was in regards to something totally
off-topic. She wrote via email:

>I love you sense of humor!

My sales rep. is a woman - it is interesting and fun to "deal" with a woman
sales rep. We spend more time talking about life than cars. However, she is
intelligent and doesn't patronize me.  There has been no response in
regards to my offer. I received an email tonight. This is very interesting.
The sales manager (to whom I made my offer because my sales rep was out of
town that day) told me to bring my Previa down so they could look at it. I
told him it was a waste of my time to drive down unless we agreed on a
price for the Audi. He said that he didn't have the invoice on it yet.
HELLO! I _know_ how much it cost them, you would think he does too.

Makes you wonder how the service dept. functions...