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re: Hey, my 5000CS turbo is having problems

Levent wrote:
>Hey all, just recently the brakes are acting up...  When i'm on completely
>dry pavement and hit the brake with abs on, as i come to a halt the brakes
>pulsate as if i'm on ice and locked em up with abs any help would be

Only at low speed? I'll bet you have an abs sensor that's out of adjustment
or gone bad. When the monkey lads at Direct Tire did a wheel bearing for me
last fall, they misaligned the LF abs sensor and I had the same symptoms.
Can't tell you how to diagnose yours...in my case it was obvious. The work
was done on a single wheel and the sensor was hanging loose. Idiots. It was
my punishment for letting them do the work, against my better judgement,
instead of going to my regular mechanic.