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S6 spring paint codes


I had a rear spring from Alan Takmans S6 Avant here at my house for a
while.  His car was a '95, I can't remember if he had the rear rear diff
lock or not but I think so.

Anyway the rear spring from that car had one red and one green stipe on it.
 So do the Blau rear kits as on sale now and that we installed last week.

My '88 and the other 90 avant both have 2 brown stripes.

The free length of both the S6 and my '885ktq rear spring was identical. 
The wire on the S6 spring was larger, but the exact amount I don't
remember.  But the dia of the 5ktq spring is  .520".  I seem to remember
the S6 was about .600".  Enough to go from 145 to 225ppi?  I don't know.

I can tell you the customers '90 200qw was anything but harsh.  He was
thrilled with it, but then we took out 160K mile OE rears.