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Car burglary

It's been about 17 years for me but it happened again.  And I just
changed insurance companies too.  The CGT was the victim.  They busted a
hole in the driver's side rear quarter window.  The tint kept most of it
together.  Then they apparently made themselves comfortable by reclining
the seats and tried to take my stereo.   They didn't get it out, but
cracked the corner of it a little.  The removable face plate was left on
the floor.  I didn't notice any damage to the console but I didn't hand
around long.  I'm on hold with the sheriff's department right now to
report it.  The only thing missing that I've noticed right now is the
shift knob.  I'll take a closer look later.  So I'll need at least a
window and a shift knob.  I guess I should walk over to the Avant and
check it out.  

I believe it happened last night as it rained almost all day yesterday
and nothing appears to be wet inside.  Damn full moon.  I am unthrilled. 

Ed Kellock
Greenville, SC  USA
91 200q Avant
87 Coupe GT