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Re: Getting a 4kq; long-term outlook

> hit. It's probably unrealistic to expect to be able to have my 4kq as a
> daily driver for the rest of my life (I'll be 50 in June).

Why not?

> If I could get parts for my 4kq until, say, 2010 or
> 2015, I'd be satisfied. 

That's the aspect that makes me nervous...

> 2) All other factors equal, how much extra should I pay for a car
> w/service records (or alternatively, knock off the price for a car w/o
> them)?

Nothing.  you're buying the car not the paper... but the service records
are nice to have so you know when the intervals fall.  IMHO.

Of course a car with proof that a lot of good stuff got replaced
recently may simply be worth more mechanically.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT