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Re: Car burglary

At 03:14 PM 1/31/99 EST, you wrote:


>I believe it happened last night as it rained almost all day yesterday
>and nothing appears to be wet inside.  Damn full moon.  I am unthrilled. 
>Ed Kellock
>Greenville, SC  USA
>91 200q Avant
>87 Coupe GT


Sorry to hear about your CGT.  Probably some punk kid looking for something
to hock for his next 12 pack of the cheap stuff...

One can only hope that a small sliver of glass somehow got lodged under his
fingernail, and the bacteria went to town, causing the hand to swell up
like a balloon, his pulse to race, his stomach to continuously violently
vomit anything he swallows, and ends up running up thousands of dollars in
doctor's bills since none of the specialists have a clue that the tiny
little bacteria laden sliver of glass is there.

All this courtesy of the Audi gods.

One can hope.

-Steve Jensen

P.S. Can you tell I hate low life scum sucking thieves?