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84 4kq alternator removal

Why must something that ought to be so easy always be so difficult on this
stupid car?!

I removed the two obvious nuts holding my alternator in place, but cannot
remove the pivot bolt.  I've removed the nut from the pivot bolt, but the
bolt itself appears to be frozen in place.  Because it is right behind the
frame at the level of the bumper, there isn't enough access room to whack it
with a hammer, which is what I think it needs.  I simply can't get any
leverage up there to push the bolt out.

The ever-useless Haynes manual mentions a link bolt, without describing what
they mean or where it is.  Is there some other bolt holding the pivot bolt
in place?  Any BTDTs on how to push the pivot bolt out so the alternator can
drop down?  The only two bolts I could find holding the alternator in are
the pivot bolt and the adjustment bolt, plus the wiring connections.  At
this point, the alternator is hanging freely from the pivot bolt, which
doesn't appear to need a nut to hold it in place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jack Rich