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Re: 4kq blues....

Actually they were both Hunter's!!!
The shop with the faulty alignment machine offered to buy me new rear tires!
i accepted!!! 2 New Dunlop w-10 sport tires! $225 dollars l8r....
I have new tires @ cost of original alignment shop...

The screwy deal is I went in there not planning on getting anything out of
it... I just talked to the owner and told him his machine was way out of 
whack he informed me that they had it re-calibrated 2 days prior....
He then started filling out a check and ask how much he owed me!!!
Needless to say I will be back @ this shop in the future....

Hunter is a good machine BTW...

Rich Andrews
> Which machine was the Hunter, the one that needed calibration or the one
> that finally got your alignment right?
> Ed Kellock
> Greenville, SC  USA
> 91 200q Avant
> 87 Coupe GT