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Re: 84 4kq alternator removal

"Rich, Jack" <JRich@Kronos.com> wrote:
> I removed the two obvious nuts holding my alternator in place, but cannot
> remove the pivot bolt.  I've removed the nut from the pivot bolt, but the bolt
> itself appears to be frozen in place.  Because it is right behind the frame at
> the level of the bumper, there isn't enough access room to whack it with a
> hammer, which is what I think it needs.  I simply can't get any leverage up
> there to push the bolt out.
> The ever-useless Haynes manual mentions a link bolt, without describing what
> they mean or where it is.  Is there some other bolt holding the pivot bolt in
> place?  Any BTDTs on how to push the pivot bolt out so the alternator can drop
> down?  The only two bolts I could find holding the alternator in are the pivot
> bolt and the adjustment bolt, plus the wiring connections.  At this point, the
> alternator is hanging freely from the pivot bolt, which doesn't appear to need
> a nut to hold it in place.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe you could loose the bottom bracket bolt, that goes into the front of the 
engine block?  That might let the bracket hand down a bit.

Things are probably just stuck together.  It would seem that if you could maybe 
put some pressure against the pivot bracket to spread it out a bit, it might 
break up the crud enough to let the bolt go.