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Re: FS: '95 S6 in Reno, Nevada

Kelley Blue Book retail is just under $37K and trade-in is $29,600 (for my
zip code here in WA - don't know the Reno zip).
- peter

Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 15:13:11 -0700
From: calexlee@us.ibm.com
Subject: FS: '95 S6 in Reno, Nevada

Howdy, all:

I was up at Reno last weekend to gut out my crashed 86 5ktq
(boohoo...), which has been at temporary rest at the boneyard
next to the Dick Donnelly VW dealership, and I spotted this
S6 in their lot.  It was a '95, with 36k miles, emerald green,
light tan leather interior, sports seats, and other options that
you can think of, like phone in arm rest, blah, blah, blah...


Bluebooked at ~$37k.  But maybe they think
I am a quattro insider, or maybe they saw me carrying my own
bluebook in my pocket, they did not try to bullshit me and were
quite reasonable in discussing the pricing.  So if you are
interested, give them a buzz at 702-852-3300.

Alex Lee,
86 5ktq (RIP @149k miles)
San Jose, CA