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Re: Trailer hitch sources and BTDT strut replacement

At 05:05 PM 2/1/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Anybody BTDT replacing the struts on the same car. The fronts look real
>straightforward except for the special tool that Bentley calls out. Any
>tricks to avoid buying the special tool?

I use a pipe wrench for the cap. Jack up the car to access Through the spring.
To remove the top nut, I put same pipe wrench on the big washer to help the
allen hold the strut while I break the torque.

>It looks like I'll need a spring compressor for the rears. Any other things
>I should know about?


>Rough time estimate for front and rear?

Half an hour for each. Failure to prevent the front strut from rotating
will rip out the strut bushing. Buy 2 new ones fer 13.00 each and replace
them anyway - they're due. The cart comes right out the top.

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