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Re: 88 80q Catalytic converter Symptoms

Well, the only thing that can go wrong with a cat is the matrix breaking
up.  the symptom which can be intermittent is loss of ability to run at
higher revs - engine being suffocated.  When my cat pretty much fell
apart, the car was kinda ok up to 2.5-3k and useless above that. 
Couldn;t even get to 4.5k.  thsi could also happen if enough junk fell
in the head and somehow passed through the chanmber and out the
exhaust.  Like a *lot* of injector o rings.

You're symptoms don;t sound like they have anything at all to do with
the cat.  Sounds more like an engine management problem.  I'm not savvy
enough re: your model/year to really give direction to your search. 
Have you checked the OXS function?  ECU grounds?

Since your problems sound similar to what happens when the old style
warm up regulators go bad, I'd suspect some aspect of your cold start
system/mixture control is out of whack.  let's say it's stuck at some
point richer than it should be - but not rich enough for a decent cold
start.  that would cause your symptoms, now what could fail to generate
that condition?

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT