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200/100 repair procedure: w/s washer reservoir

I know other folks have had the same problem, so I thought the procedure
might save someone some time:

Symptom: Windshield washer reservoir leaking at the level switch

1. Remove reservoir (this involves taking the passenger side headlight
assembly out -- you Euro headlight folks know how to do this well!)

2. Pull the level switch out : you will probably find that the leak is
from seams in the plastic collar heat glued into the opening.

3. Get a tube of Goop Marine Adhesive/Sealant (about $4.00 at Home
Depot), and coat the inside surface of the "collar" with a uniform film
of the stuff.  Do the same on the outside, using a really thick bead so
that it flows and covers the joint uniformly.  Resist the temptation to
spread it with a screwdriver (!).

4.  Let it dry for 12 hours or so.  Smear a little bit of liquid soap on
the rubber grommet around the level switch and push it in (you may break
something if you try it without the soap: especially since the inner
diameter is now a bit smaller because of the glue).

5.  Fill it up (stick the w/s pump in its hole and close the outlet with
something -- I used a pen), and see if it leaks.  You'll probably be all
set at this point, but I put an additional bead of Goop around the rim
of the level switch.