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A4 Keyless Entry

I've watched them do it on mine several times (because the remote broke,
and then another remote broke).  I don't guarantee this is right, but it's
something like this:

1) You need TWO keys

2) Turn the ignition switch to the accessory position

3) Leaving that key in, close the driver's door, and lock it.  Hold it in
lock position.

4) Press the transmitter button.  (Unfortunately, I don't know which.)

Again, I'm not positive about the sequence or positions, but it's something
like that, and does require TWO keys.  


>Does anyone know how to program the key and/or car for keyless entry (1997 
>a4).  I've purchased the key from Audi, but it hasn't been configured to 
>the car yet.  I believe that the VAG 1551/1552 tools must be used, but is 
>there another way?