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Not starting

Well, I went to start my 84 5000S the other day, and it made a pretty
wierd sound. Loud. Annoying. Not very friendly sounding, from the
engine; however, it went away within 3 seconds of starting. Then, the
engine overheating light came on-- I believe that's what it was (I do
not have the manual).

Well, it came on every couple minutes or so, and when I stopped the car,
it wouldn't start. Not turning over, it would just make a click, or go
click-click-click... and the tachometer would rise. The battery is fine.

I believe that it may be either the starter or perhaps the connection(s)
leading to the starter... but I'm not very sure about any of this.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give!

j. o ' b r i e n