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Re: Heads up to nasty on rear plate...80/90 Models

Mine was like that when I bought it.  Each of my plates are held on by two
rickety screws.  So far, so good.  I think I'll leave it alone.

Dave Glasser
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Date: Monday, February 01, 1999 8:54 AM
Subject: Heads up to nasty on rear plate...80/90 Models

>To:   audi-20v
>The state of NH just changed it's plate necessitating the removal of mine.
>The machine screws were so rusted that they became one with the nuts behind
>the plastic plate.
>The nuts are held in place with metal stays that hook into the holes in the
>plastic plate behind the license plate itself.
>If you put some English on the screws, the metal stays turn in the plastic
>and now you have a spinning screw that does nothing until you can hold the
>What you need to do is remove the left and right screws that hold the
>plastic mount on the car.  This plastic plate also has factory black goo
>that you must peel off the car itself (this is put there to insulate
>vibration and keep water out I'd guess).  If you're lucky, like me, some
>old paint will come off and you will see some nice rust too.  I love rust.
>In my case I had to drill through the top of the machine screws to remove
>the heads of the screws in order to remove them.
>I'll fix rust behind plate, reapply black silicone rubber around the
>plastic plate back, replace screws and use lockwashers and new nuts.
>What a goat-rope.
>Give those screws a quick check tonight before you have the same problem
>(probably applies to northerners and seacoasters only :-(  )