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Re: 88 80q Catalytic converter Symptoms

In message <e0733e0f.36b65970@aol.com> River6822@aol.com writes:

> 1- Bad cold starts-- Starts fine but has nearly stalled idle until it warms
> up.
> 2- Poor warm starts --Takes 5 seconds or so to "Catch" but idles fine after it
> does.
> 3- Fouls plugs in about 2-3 thousand miles. (Black "spray paint" fouled)
> 4- Extreme loss of power when cold. Feels like "blaaaaaaaa" when you step on
> the gas. OK when warm.
> 5- Stumbling power between 4k and 5.5k rpms. Good before and after that range.
> 6- Poor low end torque.

> I've been on the list and asked a few of these questions separately, however
> when added all up together I may be looking in a totally different direction.

Hoses and general air sealing.  Breather hoses, inlet hoses, injector
seals.  Absolutely no point in doing _anything_ else until this is 100%.
Check, check and check again.  Some leaks are _extremely_ elusive, and
in parts of the system need only be very small.  Sod's Law says the
crack is always on the underside.

 Phil Payne
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