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Re: 2-4kq's stumbling when cold

In message <Pine.GHP.4.05.9902011626170.293-100000@raptor.csrv.uidaho.edu> Todd Phenneger writes:

> WHo knows.  Maybe it fell in there 6 months ago before the
> injectors were pulled and he just noticed it now.  I spose that could have
> happened.  I just thinking that part is pretty small so hopefully it got
> spit out with no damage when the motor was first fired.

They oftem come off when injectors are pulled past hardened seals.  One
part of the 'injector pulling' task is to check that the seat and lower
shroud are clear.  These days, I routinely wind out the seat after I've
pulled the injector just to check.  The seats on the MB engine are 13mm
Allen - I've ground the shank of a FACOM D.107-13 so it's an _exact_ fit
in the upper part of the seat.  I think the 4k and WR/WX engines are

At least the later engines always have a lower shroud (035 133 554) that
catches the injector tip if it drops off.  I think the three small dots
in the side walls of the injector, near the end, are there to indicate
how far the tip should be pressed on.

The Viton seals are best put on, IME, using a pair of 'stork' pliers.
Just slip the seal onto the nose of the (closed) pliers, force the
jaws open a little, and jam your forearm between the handles.  Then just
work the tip of the injector through the (stretched) seal.  Takes a
couple of seconds per injector.

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