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Re: Steering rack and paint questions

Hairy green toads from Mars made Janet Scruggs say:

> I've never been happy with the steering feel and precision of my '87 5kCSq.
> Eibach springs, Koni struts, upper strut mounts, rod ends, subframe
> bushings, sway bar end and mounting bushings are all new.  Four wheel
> alignment done three times in the past two years... yes, I really should
> plan ahead and sequence my front end work accordingly.  There is a vagueness
> and lack of directional stability in the steering that I think is not
> characteristic of an otherwise thoroughly developed suspension and steering
> system.
> Any ideas?  Has anyone replaced a rack and experienced a 'better' feel from
> steering?

I have a free suggestion that worked wonders on my '89 100Q.

Open the hood, and where the steering column comes through the
firewall, there is a small "box" around to it with a flat top.
On that top is a hex bolt head that controls the steering column's
friction "preload".

Over the years, this gets a bit loose and the friction decreases,
causing vagueness, lane wandering, etc.

Tighten the bolt 1/8 of a turn at a time and take it out for a
test drive. Mine took 2 sets of 1/8 turns (1/4 turn) to get it
nice and crisp again.

Don't overtighten or the steering will not recenter automatically.

Total time: 3 minutes. Total cost $1 for the beer I enjoyed afterward.


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