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Re: ur-quattro differences (continued)

>in summary therefore, it is clear that there was a change in track which 
>occurred with the wishbone/balljoint replacement which occurred at the end 
>of the '82 model year for the '83 year.  this was at the end of 
>85-c-902-000, and the start of 85-d-900-001. in summary at the front,  the 
>changes involved new lower wishbone, ball joint, and new shock absorbers 
>and anti-roll bar (along with their rubber mountings). there was a change 
>in front springs at 85-e-900-324 (nov '83, during the '84 model year). at 
>the rear the anti-roll bar was deleted and a new wishbones specified, tie 
>rod, and the ball joints.  the rear strut also changed for the '83 model 
>year, along with the rear shocks changed and the coil springs.

I would question the VINs given here for the change. On the US cars
the suspension change you described somewhere around 85-d-900-545,
give or take 10 cars. I know of a later VIN car with the early suspension
which is the car Thompson Smith used to own. Again it's an example
of the current/published  documentation of these cars being incorrect. 
Dave Lawson
83 ur-quattro, D0072, w/snow & ice still dripping from the old style 
                    suspension after the weekend at steamboat