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Re: A4 Advice Wanted

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, William Elliott wrote:

> Now my question: partially thanks to my UrQ, a coworker is very interested in a 
> '99 A4 1.8TQ.  He drove the BMW 323i and was not the least bit impressed.  

In order to sway my friend, who was in a very similar situation, I did the
* Point potential buyer to www.a4.org
  - this shows them how enthusiastic people are about the car, plus
    if they are a techie/geek/internetjunkie, they will dig it.

* Get them to drive one.  Preferrably in 24" of snow.  If said snow is not
  available, offer to drag race him in your "OLD" 87 4kq in 1"-2" of snow
  vs. his Camaro/Firebird/TransAm.  Try not to laugh too hard.

* And if all else fails, give him a ride in your buddy's 220hp A41.8tq,
  with full tweaked suspension and 17" wheels, etc... again, in the snow.

If all goes as planned, follow your friend to your local Audi dealer with
his chequebook.

> Two questions:
> 1.  What is the currently preferred chip for the A4...(best all-around 
> performer... not just peak hp) and it's cost? Any bad habits?

I belive that most users on A4.org have preferred the Wetterauer chip.
Stats are available at www.chip-tuning.com.  Also, through A4.org, they
have arranged a nice group-rate purchase ... please check there for
pricing info ... it's $395 I think, but don't quote me.

> 2.  What are you seeing around the country as actual A4Q selling prices?  
> Though we're in WI, I would assume he could get a much better deal on a Q in a 
> warmer climate, like FL.

Friend bought his A4 1.8tq (5spd, sunroof, trip computer,
all-weather/winter package, sport steering wheel, black/black leatherette
NOTICE, no sport suspension/wheels!) for $26980 all said and done in the
Chicagoland area.  And yes, we had just had a BUNCH of snow.


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