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Re: Sargent out there?


Yes, I'm out here. A few days behind on posting pictures. The car is
starting its third *month* in the shop for a motor rebuild and new turbo.
It is supposed to be finished this week, as it was last week and the week

I will get photos taken and posted once it is all cleaned up and put back
together, sometime in the next three weeks. As far as cosmetics, it has the
abt/kamei grill surround, and body color waist-line/grill area chrome. The
window aluminum is still OE. Door handles are also body color, along with
smooth V8 D-pillar trim caps. Photos to follow. I will post a note when
they are up. 



>Subject: Sargent out there?,,Hi, I remeber something about you posting
pictures of your 
>200tq with,some some more body mods (including blacked-out crome?).  Did
>ever,put these up somewhere?,,Thanks,,erik,erik@aero.und.end