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MC code 2322

Hello Qlisters!!!
Well I have come a long way thanks to the likes of you Audi brains!
Today's fix is an engine code.  2322 to be exact.  Which is the "inlet
air temp"  It is an open or short circuit/defective sensor or wiring
problem.   Any BTDT's (Been There Done
That)?                                        I just got my manual, but
its at home.
I am putting in the ScottMo 1.8 bar waste gate spring and qlcc chip this
weekend, so I need to get this sorted out before hand.
Oh, and by the way my INCOMPETENT mechanics at Dieters German Car
looked the engine over last week, said it looked good,  when I got home
to check the oil I found the boost check, rubber stopper thingy totally
off the pipe on the front part of the engine ( where we rest our tools).
F$%#ing idiots.  I pay $68 an hour for this?  I should have wondered
when they charged my dad 60 bucks for 5 pints of redline during an oil
change on his Defender 90.
Anyway--  air inlet temp circuit.   Anyone?  Anyone?
Thanks in advance or ( TIA)
Dan Hamren
Redwood City CA
1987 Audi 5000 csq wagon
145k and just getting broken in!