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Tiptronic A6Q question

>It's a royal, Mark I, PITA.  You sit in a queue of traffic bumbling
>along at 32.125mph for mile after mile, and finally get a 200yd
>straight in which to get one caravan and two articulated trucks.  In
>the meantime, the transmission has decided that you're a geriatric
>old fart who never wants to exceed 33mph or accelerate AT ANY TIME
>and flat ignores the kick-down request for ten seconds.

Interesting - would one have to place the shifter into the + - mode to
compensate? Can you go from automatic to tiptronic (I'm stumbling over the
words, here) without stopping?

>By which time ...
>Someone came up with a mod that consisted of a push-to-break switch
>mounted on the transmission tunnel - just tap it to cycle power on the
>transmission computer and make it forget all it ever thought it knew
>about you.