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rare urq pix

	looks like a pininfarina one-off, early eighties
	vintage.  love to know what happened to this car,
	where it is today.


	scans could be better, i was in a rush.  they are
	from a book i got for xmas in '83.  i used to gaze
	at all the cars... never considered this one too
	much, probably because of the other pininfarina
	creations in it's section.  i think the car that
	really got me, more than any other in the book, 
	was the lancia rally.  i still swoon for it.

	the artz porche 944 and 928 avant conversions are
	pretty durned cool, too.  not to mention that 
	walter wolf lamborghini... or bertone's lamboghini
	bravo... sbarro's super 12... mardikian bmw m1...

 rocky mullin
 two strokes are faster than four!
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