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THANK YOU!!! Re: Quick Quattro Qrash Qourse

Auto Unionists,

Thanks for all the quick responses!  Once again, the Quattro List has
come through for me.  Unfortunately, I was mistaken in the car I saw
being a 4000 quattro.  It was, in fact, a 1984 Coupe GT.  DOH!  Hey, an
honest mistake when all of the car I could see from the road was the
front.  When I saw that front air dam I immediately thought "Quattro". 
Worse still, the guy at the used car lot wants $2,600 for it!  This after
I TOLD him I bought an `86 in better condition for $1,500.  And I've
owned an `82 Coupe before that.  >Sigh<  I guess some people just don't
get it.  The car was really nice:  both power windows worked almost
flawlessly, the sunroof tilted without any problems, and the leather
interior was nearly unblemished.  But the body left a little to be
desired, with some big time parking "boo-boo's" all along the drivers'
side.  Plus, I really like the restyling Audi did in `85.  Oh well.  

But now I'm really jazzed about the 4000 quattro!  So if anyone in S.
California has either a CGT from 1985 to 1987, or any year 4000 quattro
up for sale, let me know.  I'd love to buy a car this weekend because my
parent's Saab feels like it's gonna give up the ghost any day now.  

Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,