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Re: New $4

>> >I don't think a price has been set for the U.S. version yet, and no
>> >actual launch date has been promised.  To compete against the M3, Audi
>> >will need to price it accordingly.
>> Audi S4 UK$36,639
>> BMW M3  UK$38,420
>> They're US$60,000+ cars...
>Yeah, but car prices are lower in the U.S. in general, so Audi will have
>to price them to match.  When (and if) the S4 gets here, it will probably
>sell in the $45K-ish range, I suspect.

The difference is that their M3 is not the same as our M3. U.S. M3 carries
engine from 328i, with extra boring to make it 3.0 liter (or 3.2, 
whatever). Their M3 has geniune racing-derived, hand-made I6. If I recall,
that expensive I6 cannot stand U.S.' high-sulfur content gasoline or
something, leading BMW to make a "special" M3 just for the U.S. market (no
magical 100bhp/liter, etc.).

May be instead of twin-turbo V6, AoA may decide we'll get extra-pumped up
I4 turbo instead. Of course, with appropriate discount -- just like BMW
did with U.S.-version of M3. Would ye like that?

It's not that I want Audi to sell S4 with price tag in stratosphere. I
like discounts as anyone else. But please do note why U.S. M3 is a lot
cheaper than the M3 over in Europe. If Audi decides if S4 cannot be sold
in popularity/profit, it'll follow the footsteps of S2, RS2, S8, S6
Plus, etc., and will never reach U.S. shore.

Personally, I'd be happy if S4 ever comes here. And I wouldn't want to pay
$45,000 for a souped-up 328i -- aka "M3." That's WAAAAAY over-priced.

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