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RE: Retrofit trip computer on A4?

From: Shane & Elaine Hinshaw <aidan@bmi.net>

>Just bought a '96 A4 (after three years of slobbering from afar).
>Have a couple of questions:
>* anybody know if dealer (or someone) can install trip computer as a
>retrofit--or is it too extensive?

I have wondered this myself, you would have to buy a new insturment pod
($$$$$), but maybe you could just get the computer display and wire it into
you current pod.  You would also need a wiper stalk, since that has buttons to
control trip computer funtions.  You may be able to just buy a dash switch
trip computer control like some Audis had in the early 1990's (100 I think).
The A4 already tracks all the info for the trip computer, and when you buy the
option, you are just buying the display.  The car already knows how many miles
its gone, and how much fuel it's drinking.  If you know a friend who has this
option, you should swap insturment pods (real easy to do) and see if the
display lights up and works.  If that's the case, you then know that it can be
done.  Now you've got me thinking......

>* fuel gauge indicates only 7/8 full--even though i've waited for things
>to settle before topping up. Is this a simple problem with gauge/sending
>unit, or has anyone seen similar problems in this model? (can't really
>tell for sure, since even after running it down into reserve territory
>the fill up is under 13 gal.)

This can be adjusted, but I don't know how.  Ask the A4.org forum, someone on
there may know.

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