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Re: Type 44 steering rack and paint questions

aw...you're feeling left out Gross.
First, I can't help you at all.
Second, it's the tequila steering vagueness. BTDT (but not in a
car...so ymmv)
And third, don't feel bad about your attention span.  This might help
you out a little.

Three old ladies were discussing the "vagueness" that seemed to
becoming "enhanced" as they aged.
First one says:  "Sometimes I'll be standing in front of the fridge
with a jar of mayonnaise in my hand and I don't know whether to make a
sandwich or put the jar back in the fridge."

Second one says: "I know what you mean.  Sometimes I will be standing
on the stair landing and I don't know whether I just came down the
stairs or I should go up the stairs."

Third one says: "I'm glad I don't have that problem...knock on wood"
(knocks three times on the wooden table).  "Oh...someone's at the
door...I'll get it!"