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1995 90, aligned 5 times, still drifts???

Hi all,

To "contribute" to the latest alignment related discussion, I thought
I'd tell you about my problem. I appreciate any "diagnosis" from
suspension doctors.

I have a 1995 90 with 5 spoke alloy wheels and 195-65-15s (Goodyear
Eagle craps). My previous car was a 944 (miss her). Since I bought the 
car last June, I have not been happy with the way car steers. It has
been aligned/checked twice in the dealer I bought the car from, twice
in another Audi dealer, and once in an independent shop (NTB). It has
always pulled to right. If I keep the steering wheel slightly off to
left (1/2 inch) it goes straight, so the steering wheel is not straight. 
If I let the steering wheel go, the car starts to pull to right at 
some point. Tires do not show any wheel. NTB people showed me the
alignment reading fro the computer and they seem to be in factory specs.

My questions are:

- What could be the general problem (frame may be)?
- Is there any way to straighten the steering wheel without removing it?
- Is there a way to stiffen the steering a bit? It feels rather loose
for my taste.

Thanks all.

1995 90 Laser Red