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Re: Sources for Stabilant 22A

Hello Tom!

        The Summer issue of QUATTRO QUARTERLY had an article written by Ned
Ritchie.  This is their Tech Tip No.14.  Two products were mentioned in the
article with the following addresses given.

        Deox IT D5 (Spray Cleaner)
            Craig Laboratories, Inc.
            16744 West Bernardo Drive
            San Diego, CA 92127-1904
            Phone: (619) 451-1799
            FAX:  (619) 451-2799

    Stabilant 22 (contact enhancer)
            D. W. Electrochemicals Ltd.
            97 Newkirk Road North, Unit 3
            Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 3G4
            Phone:  (905) 508-7500
            FAX:  (905) 508-7502

    I have not written or phoned either of these references places so I'm
unable to ascertain if this is current.  I, myself,  have paid the high
price at the local Audi dealer and have enjoyed much better electrical
electrical reliability since the purchase and subsequent use of Stabilant
22A. Others have mentioned the same results but maybe the article would give
you a better evaluation advantage point after reading it.

Wayne Scheer
Amsterdam, NY

'87 5K with 251K
'89 1C with 122K
Both cars with the Euro lights with standard wattage bulbs.  A great

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Date: Wednesday, February 03, 1999 9:59 AM
Subject: Re: Sources for Stabilant 22A

>    Radio Shack carries the Deoxit contact enhancer in a 2 oz can for
>Tom Nestor
>>Audi dealers have it, but price is about the same.  I called their offices
>>to find a cheaper alternative (they list NAPA as a distributor) but ran
>>some kind of territorial algorithm as they decided who to tell me about.
>>Anyway, they have a web site at:
>>We used it on the ersatz S2 on hundreds of connectors, and were pleased
>>Brandon Hull
>>>I have checked with a local parts warehouse, which >is usually pretty
>>>competative on prices, about Stabilant 22A.  They >had the 15 ml. bottle
>>>Borg-Warner for $47.01.