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Re: Sources for Stabilant 22A

Hello Tom and Others!

        From the Ned Ritchie article (Tech tip No.14) he refers to DeoxIT D5
as a "good spray cleaner, Connector & Contact Treatment.  This breaks up the
oxides and contamination. This is only a cleaner and the cleaning improves
conductivity."  I would think that Stabilant 22A would be looked at from a
different point of view.  Somewhat like comparing Apples and Oranges maybe?
Prices for one may differ greatly from the other.

Wayne Scheer
Amsterdam, NY
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From: Tom Nestor <tnestor@cyberportal.net>
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Date: Wednesday, February 03, 1999 9:59 AM
Subject: Re: Sources for Stabilant 22A

>    Radio Shack carries the Deoxit contact enhancer in a 2 oz can for
>Tom Nestor
>>Audi dealers have it, but price is about the same.  I called their offices
>>to find a cheaper alternative (they list NAPA as a distributor) but ran
>>some kind of territorial algorithm as they decided who to tell me about.
>>Anyway, they have a web site at:
>>We used it on the ersatz S2 on hundreds of connectors, and were pleased
>>Brandon Hull
>>>I have checked with a local parts warehouse, which >is usually pretty
>>>competative on prices, about Stabilant 22A.  They >had the 15 ml. bottle
>>>Borg-Warner for $47.01.