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Interesting Problem with Cruise Control

Hi Ye Gurus,
Some background:
       I bought my 91 200 tq last year. At that time the then owner said 
that the cruise control on the m/c never worked. So I never tested it 
and even to have it checked, the $$$$ were not carelessly small. So I 
let be.
       Suddenly, last weekend during my trip out of town, I was enjoying 
some finger trouble with the control and seemed to work. The thrill was 
short lived.. 
      The cruise control seems to work intermittantly. Any ideas??? 
One solution seems to be just believe that it still doesn't work.. who 
the hell anyway wants cruise control on a AUDI.. 
      Just find it intellectually challanging to have something and not 
see it work
HELP!! My wife directrs me that "LET THERE BE CRUISE CONTROL"


91 200 TQ (118K miles)
Another one if I can convince my Wife

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