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RE: German Auto Parts

Actually Mark's in Galway, New York but he ships nationally (I live in
Washington State).

His prices are great, and he has yet to steer me wrong.  Great
Audi/VW/Porsche parts source.  Don't let the sparse web site fool you
though - he has access to a huge parts inventory - OEM, German made, good
stuff - you just have to give him a call with the specifics.

Mark Davison
Adirondack Auto Brokers

Highly recommended

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 67K

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> > Hello Listers,
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> > Has anyone had any experience with German Auto Parts? If so
> where are they
> > located and was your experience worth sharing?
> If you're talking about www.germanautoparts.com, I can definitely
> recommend them.  Mark Davison is the guy to ask for.
> I have a VW Scirocco in addition to my Audi, and I've bought from him in
> the past.  He's fair, has good prices, and will make good on any
> problems or errors.  If we're talking about the same place, I'm pretty
> sure it's Pennsylvania.  (I don't have an invoice handy.)
> Carlyle