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RE: burned audis on a4.org gallery

Look like A4s to me also, but regardless, that just plain sucks.  At least
when you see nice cars getting destroyed in the movies, you can pretend and
try to convince yourself that "it was probably just a mock-up, not a real
car..."  But there's no denying that one.  Damn travesty!  Ugh.

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 67K mi.
Picture and details online at:

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> Anyone seen the pics of the burned audis on a truck that caught fire?
> Interestingly enough, I bet Audi was pretty pissed about that one.
> Judging from the wheels, shape, and the melted sheet metal, I'd say
> those were a8's.  Bummer.
> http://www.a4.org/gallery/a4/Burnt_Audis.jpg
> Brett
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