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Torque steer and ride height

Dear Q-group,

Still chasing what I consider to be excessive torque steer on
a 200T FWD Slush box (late MC engine).

Have replaced lower control arm bushes, upper strut supports,
engine mounts, gearbox mounts and front struts. Had a careful
(I think) full 4 wheel alignment, to middle of specified range.

Now I've noticed that the left hand side of the car (the passenger
side in this country, as we drive, as God intended, on the left),
has a ride height (measured at the wheel arches), of about 1 cm (=0.4 ")
lower than on the drivers side.

Is this normal? Can it have anything to do with torque steer?
If it's not normal, (a) what's likely to be the cause of the
problem, and (b) how do I fix it?

Thanks in advance, as always,

Tony Guttmann