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Re: AudiFest '99

RELAYER@aol.com wrote:

> >- - If elsewhere... where? What else is convenient for the whole USA (and
> >anyone else in the world that wants to show up...)?
> How about my house in Florida! :)

No, I've been there...  you never mention your secret passion for Cadillac
Cimarons until AFTER you get people inside!  Then you show us all 12 of them that
reside in your back yard...  I think the A4 is just a "cover".   Thanks, but no
thanks.  ;-)  hehe


'90 CQ20V

> >- - Should we split AudiFest up into AudiFest East, AudiFest Central, and
> >AudiFest West, or just East and West? Or keep it as one big event?
> I like it as one big event.  If Audifest keeps growning like it has been, we
> will have to divide it up like that in a couple of years, but I don't think we
> are that big yet.
> I will also volunteer to do the shirts for Audefest '99 BEFORE the event, so
> that we can all wear the shirts up on the mountain (or wherever we have it).
> But prices will be a bit higher since I took a bath on the Audifest '98 shirts
> (Paul Royal warned me).  Maybe we could make it so if you buy a ticket, you
> automatically get a shirt thrown in to the total price.
> Also, given that Monterey will be such a huge Audi event, maybe the California
> guys should organize their own Audifest for the guys out west, and we still
> will have the Audifest in Colorado.
> Count me in for anything at Pikes Peak or east of that.
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