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Re: A4 brake problem in the rain

Does anyone know if New Jersey uses magnesium chloride road salt?  I've
noticed on a couple occasions this winter the brakes on my A4 seem very
weak the first time I apply them.  Luckily it seems to only happen coming
out of the parking garage at work.  I guess I'll have to ask the building
management what type of salt they use.  Glad to know that it's not just
me, and that's one less thing I can have checked when the car goes in for
service next week.
Oh, gotta love ODBII, check engine light was caused by an incorrectly
screwed-on gascap.  I hate mandatory full-serve states.


 On Thu, 4 Feb 1999, Ti Kan wrote:

> Mark L. Chang writes:
> > > In Germany there's a bit of a panic about brake failures on A4s in the
> > > rain. There've been numerous complaints about the brakes feeling fine after
> > > a long 'wet' drive, but turning out not to work properly. Cause of this is
> > > likely a buildup of water or road salt between disc and pad.
> Below is the full text response from the Audi world site.

<<snip full text, can be found at