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RE: 1995 90, aligned 5 times, still drifts???

My '88 90 Q also pulls to the right ever since I put on Yokohama Gardex
600.  Three times aligned before and after that by 2 different shops.  I
also have the right rear spring somewhat tired, so the camber is a little
too much and supposedly is not adjustable. I was told that Gardex are very
"squirmy" but they sure have plenty of grip in snow.  BTW, what is a good
place to get coilovers without breaking the bank? - not lowering springs,
just firmer ones, like rally style for example.  What is a decent price
(from the buyer's point of view) for those.  And who makes the KW German
shocks and springs?  All humble opinions and BTDT's muchly appreciated.

Thaks to all in advance, Tihol,
1988 90 Q
ex 1983 944 (R.I.P.)