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Re: Subject: Audifest '99

	again i want to propose several regional meetings,
	perhaps on the same weekend, as sor tof a build up 
	to the pike's peak main event.  i'll probably not 
	make pike's peak (though mike will try to knock me
	out and throw me in the trunk and drive me there)
	but could do something with a 1-day drive.

	you know me by now - if it's a tough choice, chose

On Thu, 4 Feb 1999 C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:

]Michael Williams wrote:
]OK guys, lets be serious here.  In my opinion, having multiple "Audifest 
]99's" would be a mistake.  One of the biggest draws for even attending is 
]being able to get together with all of the really die hard q-listers and 
]meeting everyone from around the country.  If we were to split it up, 
]this would disappear and would cause the event to be less interesting to 
]me.  (snip)
]Mike (and others):  I disagree.  I think multiple audi get togethers are
]advantageous; I for one have other committments that make Pike's Peak or
]Monterey both difficult or impossible to attend; however, I'll be at Mt.
]Washington in New Hampshire again this June.   Actually, I think Mt.
]Washington last year had more quattro list people than the Pike Peak
]"Audifest" ever has had... So you're certainly not going to get "...all of the
]really die hard q-listers and meeting everyone from around the country".
]There's plenty of die-hard audi fans/quattro list members who do not go to
]Pike's Peak... why exclude them?  We should encourage more events, and spread
]them out across the USA [and canada, and as the international contingent
]grows, other locations... but it seems England has it pretty well covered
]already : ) ].
]While it's fun to attend "the biggest event of the year", I'd rather see the
]energy spread out a bit into regional meetings.  Perhaps they can be spaced
]out to "lead up to" Monterey?
]Just my opinion...
]chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com
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