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Another one bites the dust

I read in horror, the many postings on this list regarding the terrible
dilemma of collision damage / book value and insurance  company reimbursement
offers. I was well aware when I bought my 86 4KS that this was a risk I was
assuming. Nonetheless, because I enjoy it so much, i have been maintaining,
tuning  and babying this car the best I can. 
Well it happened this morning! The nightmare, realized. A major A--hole
driving a big a$$ lexus plowed into the side of my car. I saw him posturing
from the side street, (I was on the main 2 lane road),  I hit my horn, veered
away from him, but the A--hole nailed the gas and hit me real hard on the
passenger side. He spun me 180 degrees, across two traffic lanes and into a
third unsuspecting sucker. That hit whiped out the entire side of  the Ford.
Both my passenger doors caved in against the seats, the door post is severely
bent  and I assumed the car is totalled. Body shop thinks there may be a
chance of saving it with a pair of cheap doors and a cheap paint job. We'll
see what happens.  

Anyhow, the car took this severe hit amazingly well. Can't believe I drove it
away. The lexus was big & hit hard, but my 4KS did an outstanding job of
holding together. Hope it can be fixed.  


New t-belt (Monday!!!!!)
Brake master cyl
Rear brakes
tie rod ends
4 tires
optomistic ongoing tune-up